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11. Planet Health: An Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Teaching Middle School Nutrition and Physical Activity
Book/School curriculum/Prevention program 592 pages

The Planet Health curriculum focuses on improving health and well-being in early adolescence. It includes 35 lessons that promote healthy nutrition and activity and a self-assessment tool to help students to evaluate their physical activity. The content promotes nutrition and healthy eating, ...

12. School Health Index: A Self-Assessment and Planning Guide: Elementary School; and School Health Index: A Self-Assessment and Planning Guide: Middle School/High School
Report/School curriculum/Health promotion program

The School Health Index is a tool to assist schools to develop a school climate that promotes health and safety. The resource allows schools to review, improve, and implement health and safety policies and practice. The School Health Index contains eight modules that are completed by school staff ...

13. Student Bodies
Web-based program/Prevention program

Student Bodies is an eight-session online psychoeducational intervention based on cognitive behvaioural and social learning theories and designed for individuals at risk of Eating Disorders. It has been proven to enhance body satisfaction and to reduce disordered eating attitudes. This program ...

14. The Body Project: Promoting Body Acceptance and Preventing Eating Disorders: A Facilitator Guide
Book/Prevention Program 152 pages

The Body Project contains two four-session intervention programs that can be used with low- or high-risk adolescent and college-aged females to prevent disordered eating. The primary author is arguably the world's foremost authority on Eating Disorders prevention and the prevention programs he ...

15. Trouble on the Tightrope: In Search of Skateboard Sam
Web-based program/Prevention program

Trouble on the Tightrope is an animated web-based program that aims to improve body image and self-esteem among early adolescents. The premise is that Sam, an adolescent who is about to perform a trapeze act in a carnival as part of a family act, goes missing. Users gain clues to Sam's ...

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