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The relationships between self‐esteem, body image and eating disorders in Australian competitive male athletes

Dr. M Osborne, Dr. I Krug, R Williams

The University of Melbourne



This research will take a unique look into males with body image, self‐esteem, and/or eating pattern concerns, experienced while training and competing as athletes, and will give a voice to a population that has largely been neglected in contemporary research.

Males involved in competitive sport at any level.

The study is in two parts. First, an anonymous survey, which can be found at the link below. No identifying information will be gathered. This survey can be taken online from desktop, mobile, and tablet browsers in less than 10 minutes. http://survey.putneymh.com Once the survey is completed, if you would like to tell us your story and share experiences with body image, self esteem, and/or eating issues while competing, please complete the relevant information on the final page of the survey. We will be in contact to arrange a confidential interview at your convenience. No identifying information will be included in the research.

Online - http://survey.putneymh.com

Email: study@putneymh.com. Phone: +61 3 9005 6463

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