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Recovery and treatment experiences among people with eating disorders

Dr Janette Simmonds (Primary researcher/advisor), Capella Meurer (student researcher/PhD candidate), Dr Tristan Snell (associate supervisor)

Monash University



This research examines the experiences of people who are in eating disorders recovery through two studies. The first is an online focus group, where 12 participants will be invited to discuss their experiences of eating disorder treatment and recovery. The second is a series of interviews where participants will be discuss the same experiences. These interviews will be analysed qualitatively to determine how to improve treatment outcomes.

We are seeking the input of people: ‣ Who have a previous eating disorder diagnosis ‣ Who have received treatment for their eating disorder ‣ Who consider themselves to be in eating disorders recovery ‣ Who are 18 years or older

Either attuning an online focus group or an interview, answering demographic questions and engaging in discussion about treatment and recovery. This will involve discussing mental health and health history.

Either online or at a mutually agreeable location such as a library

Capella Meurer: capella.meurer@monash.edu OR Dr Janette Simmonds: janette.simmonds@monash.edu

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