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Sport and Fitness Professionals.

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Eating disorders and disordered eating may occur in people who are regarded by society as being extremely fit and healthy.

Both males and females engaged in competitive physical activities including sports, fitness and dance have increased rates of body dissatisfaction, disordered eating and eating disorders.


Fitness Professional Resource

The below resource assists sport and fitness professionals in understanding eating disorders, promoting health and wellbeing within an organisation, recognising and responding to eating disorders and supporting athletes who are undergoing treatment for an eating disorder.

information for sport and fitness professionals   resources for sport and fitness professionals  


Sport and Fitness Programs.

There are a number of programs and resources that have been developed for use in the sports and fitness industries.

Find sport and fitness programs and resources.

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Sport and Fitness e-Bulletin.

NEDC put together an e-Bulletin highlighting issues relevant to the sport and fitness industry.

Read the e-Bulletin.

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NEDC Fact Sheets.

NEDC fact sheets have been designed to be used in a number of settings including schools and sports clubs.

Download the fact sheets.

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How to help.

For early intervention to occur, professionals need to be able to recognise and respond to warning signs.

Find out what to say and do.