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Sport & fitness industry

Programs and resources available for the sport & fitness industry

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Programs and resources that are included in this section have been sourced from The National Eating Disorders Collaboration Resources Review (2010).

To be considered for inclusion, they needed to be relevant to the prevention, identification, early intervention, management or care of eating disorders. The programs and resources have been developed for use by athletes, coaches and other professionals in the sports and fitness industries. Emphasis was placed on identifying programs and resources already in use in Australia.

If you would like to recommend a resource for inclusion please contact us.

Please note that all resources are subject to a quality assurance review.

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6 Resources and Programs
1. An Eating Disorders Resource for: Coaches
Manual 50 pages

This manual is a well-informed guide to assisting coaches to identify and respond to Eating Disorders. The manual is divided into sections of identification, intervention, supposed, and prevention. Coaches are taught to identify early warning signs and female athlete triad, how to respond when ...

2. An Eating Disorders Resource For: Health and Fitness Professionals
Manual 50 pages

An Eating Disorders Resource For: Health and Fitness Professionals is designed to assist health and fitness professionals such as fitness instructors and personal trainers to prevent, recognise, and respond to disordered eating and Eating Disorders. The manual provides education on Eating ...

3. Athletes Targeting Healthy Exercise and Nutrition Alternatives (ATHENA)
Manuals and workbooks

The ATHENA program is an eight-session health promotion program for athletes that targets nutrition and healthy physical development that aims to prevent disordered eating and body-shaping drug use. It is designed to be used with small groups of athletes with facilitation by a coach and an ...

4. Eating Disorders in Sport and Fitness: Prevention, Early Identification and Response
Manual 46 pages

This resource is written for sports professionals to assist them in understanding eating disorders, promoting health and wellbeing within their organisations, recognising and responding to eating disorders, and supporting athletes who are undergoing treatment for an eating disorder. The resource ...

5. Fitness Australia Guidelines: Identifying and Managing Members with Eating Disorders and/or Problems with Excessive Exercise
Guidelines 47 Pages

These guidelines are designed to assist fitness centre staff to provide advice and support to the individual with an Eating Disorder or exercise problem and to manage facility use in this population to promote safety and well-being. The guidelines present policy statements and action strategies, ...

6. Good Enough to Eat: A CoachÂ’s Guide to Addressing Body Image and Eating Issues Among School-Aged Athletes
Information pack 35 pages

Schools and school sport settings have an important role to play in the prevention and early intervention of Eating Disorders, and young female athletes may be at increased risk of developing Eating Disorders. This resource was designed to inform school sports coaches about body image, disordered ...

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