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Teachers and Schools.

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Education professionals play a large and ongoing role in the influence of young people.

They can be instrumental in delivering positive messaging about body image and healthy eating and exercise behaviours.


Educator Resources

The below resources assist education professionals working in schools to understand eating disorders, promote health and wellbeing within their schools, recognise and respond to eating disorders, and support students who are undergoing treatment for an eating disorder.

information for young people   information for schools  


eating disorders 101

Youth-based Web Resource.

NEDC have developed a new resource to help young people through eating disorders.

Visit eatingdisordersinfo.org.au.


Find Education Programs.

There are a number of programs and resources that have been developed for use in a school environment.

Find education programs and resources.

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Find Professional Development.

Education can be vital to increasing early identification of people in the formative stages of an eating disorder.

Find professional development programs and opportunities.


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Get the Facts.

NEDC fact sheets have been designed for a general audience to be used in a number of settings including an educational environmental.

Download fact sheets.

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How to help.

For early intervention to occur, young people and those in their circle of support need to be able to recognise and respond to warning signs.

Find out what to say and do.