Dietitian Advanced Workshop

Dietitian Advanced Workshop

Eating Disorder Training and Evaluation Centre (EDTEC)

About this event

This workshop focuses on therapeutic approaches particularly useful in nutrition counselling for clients with eating disorders.

Skills from various therapeutic approaches including CBT, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness, as well as assisting families in supporting a loved one with eating including aspects of FBT/FT-AN treatment and meal support will be explored.

Objectives: By the end of this workshop, you will be able to

- Describe common evidence based psychological treatments in detail as applied to various presentations with particular focus on CBT and FBT, and discuss the dietitian’s role as part of a multidisciplinary team in those treatments

- Outline and demonstrate the techniques used in motivational interviewing

- Describe and apply the steps using a CBT formulation and various CBT techniques in a dietetic counselling session 

- Outline aspects of family-led refeeding, and the dietitian’s role in providing advice and coaching to families in meal support

- Describe various ways in which mindfulness can be useful in supporting a person with an eating disorder to manage eating and experience their body in a more positive way

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Person: Ulrike O'Sullivan




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