New Eating Disorder Specific Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Item Numbers

Effectively responding to eating disorders requires consideration of a continuum of care; psychological, physical, behavioural, nutritional and functional.

Commencing 1st November 2019, NEW Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item numbers will be introduced to support a model of evidence-based care for eligible patients living with an eating disorder.

Underpinning the new MBS item numbers are the NEDC’s National Practice Standards for eating disorders, which promote a coordinated, consistent and multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment and management of eating disorders within Australia.

The Medicare Review Taskforce, Eating Disorders Implementation Liaison Group (EDILG) is working with sector partners to effectively communicate information about the coming introduction of these new MBS items.

The NEDC will continue to update this MBS Information Page with all information provided by the EDILG as it comes to hand.

NEDC members will receive Information alerts by email. Register online to join the NEDC to receive information updates and related resources about the new MBS items.

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