Associations Between Sexual Function and Disordered Eating Among Undergraduate Women: An Emphasis on Sexual Pain and Distress.

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The limited body of research on sexuality in eating disorders supports the occurrence of considerable sexual concerns. The aim of the present study was to examine eating disorder symptoms in relation to sexual function, and sexual pain in particular. Female undergraduate students completed a series of online questionnaires. All domains of sexual function were predicted by aspects of disordered eating, with disordered eating generally being associated with more sexual difficulties. Psychological characteristics common to those with eating pathology were also associated with sexuality variables, such that psychological maladjustment was associated with poorer sexual function. Psychological maladjustment was found to mediate the association between eating disorder risk and sexual function. The results of this study suggest that sexual function should be addressed during eating disorder care.

AuthorDunkley, Cara R.; Gorzalka, Boris B.; Brotto, Lori A.
JournalJournal of sex & marital therapy

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