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Health Professionals.

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Recovery from eating disorders is possible with the right amount of help, treatment and support.

Because of the complex physical and psychiatric nature of eating disorders, treatment often includes a range of qualified practitioners such as medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, dieticians, counsellors and occupational therapists.


Health Professional Resources

Health Professionals are likely to come into contact with someone with an eating disorder. NEDC have developed a range of health professional resources to support their roles in the prevention, identification, medical management and referral of patients with eating disorders.

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Get Involved.

NEDC welcomes anyone with an interest in eating disorders to join the collaboration.

As an NEDC member, you have the opportunity to become part of an eating disorders network through which you will learn, contribute and engage in project activities.

Join the Collaboration.


Latest Research and Resources.

The NEDC Knowledge Hub provides a single gateway through which healthcare providers can access the latest evidence-based information. Key pages:

Latest research
Research library
Current Australian studies
Resource directory
NEDC Publications

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Treatment Approaches.

It is important to understand that different people respond to different types of treatment even if they are experiencing the same eating disorder.

Find out more about treatment.


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The Therapeutic Team.

Some people benefit from stand alone eating disorder therapies while others will need a multidisciplinary approach.

Find out your role in a multidisciplinary therapeutic team.

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Eating Disorders Awareness.

Appropriate messages can be combined with effective engagement strategies to help health professionals educate the community about eating disorders.

Find out how to communicate about eating disorders.